Terms of Service

Welcome to JuWaiTong. These terms and conditions and all applicable service-specific terms ("Terms of Service" or "Agreement") govern your access to and use of any website, mobile site, mobile application, product or service provided by JUJIAO. (Hereinafter referred to as " JuWaiTong", "we", "our") according to the plan you purchased (hereinafter referred to as "service"), but only if the JuWaiTong enterprise, JuWaiTong business plan and all other products and services are available for JuWaiTong enterprise and Business users are not bound by these terms.

By accessing and using the service in any way, you "accept" and agree to be bound by these terms of service, but not all other terms. If you accept these terms completely and unconditionally, you will not (and have no right to use) access or use the service. If the terms of this agreement are considered, acceptance is limited to such terms. These terms should be read together with JuWaiTong's privacy policy and copyright policy.

In these terms of service, wherever you use "you", "your", "customer" or similar terms, it refers to the individual or legal entity that accesses or uses the service. If you access and use the service on behalf of a company (such as your employer) or other legal entity, you represent and warrant that you have the right to bind the company or other legal entity to these terms of service.

We reserve the right to update and change any or all of these terms of service at any time at our own discretion, including but not limited to fees related to the use of the service. If we do, we will publish the revised terms of service, but we will, at our sole discretion, notify you of any changes that have a significant impact on the terms of service. By continuing to use the service after making any such changes, you agree to such changes. If the change has a significant adverse effect on you, and you have signed a contract and paid a certain period in advance, you can notify us within 30 days of learning of the change that you do not agree to the change. If you do, we will delay applying the changes to you until your advance payment period expires, or at our sole discretion, allow you to cancel your account, and we will refund any advance payment pro rata. If you use our service after the prepaid period ends, all changes will apply to you. You are responsible for regularly reviewing the latest version of these terms of service. When we change these terms of service, we will revise the "last modified date" above.

1. "Authorized user" refers to an individual who directly accesses the service through the online registration process, or an individual user authorized by you to use the service, and provides a user ID and password. Authorized users can include your employees, consultants, contractors, agents or your other designated personnel, but do not include any employees or agents of any JuWaiTong competitors.

"Authorization Form" refers to a document issued by JuWaiTong and signed by you or your authorized representative or agreed in other ways. The document, among other things, specifies the service description, cost, number of seats purchased, validity period and is particularly related to the service Any other details.

"Customer Content" means all information and data (including text, images, photos, videos, audio and documents) or any other media and format of any other content or format provided to JuWaiTong by you or on your behalf, or on your behalf Use service.

"Mention" refers to information publicly obtained and obtained by JuWaiTong from the Internet on your behalf, including links, posts and excerpts, and data obtained therefrom, including reports, abstracts, graphs and charts.

"Seat" refers to a single subscription associated with a single sign-on service and assigned to an authorized user.

"Taxes" means all taxes, assessments, charges, fees and levies that may be levied based on the sale or license of goods and/or services (as the case may be), including all sales, use, goods and services, the value of which is determined by Any government agency (including federal, state, provincial, municipal and foreign government agencies) levied additional taxes and excise taxes, customs duties, assessment fees, and any installments related to this, as well as any interest, fines and penalties related to this).

"Third Party Services" refers to products, services, applications or websites provided by third parties through services (ie companies or persons not on the JuWaiTong platform).

"Services" refer to the services provided to you by JuWaiTong according to the plan you purchased through online transactions or authorization forms, but does not include third-party services.

"Supported platform" refers to the social networking sites currently supported by the service, including Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social networking sites described through the website.

"Fair Use Policy" means the use restrictions described in Section 2.6.

2. JuWaiTong service

2.1 Service. During the validity period, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement, and only for your personal or internal business purposes, JuWaiTong grants you and your authorized users the right to access and use our services to purchase the number of seats purchased and support, If applicable, according to the plan you choose.

2.2 Updates and features. You acknowledge that JuWaiTong may apply updates to the service from time to time, and such updates may cause changes in the appearance and/or functions of the service (including adding, modifying or deleting functions, features or content). . In addition to adding new products, JuWaiTong will provide, implement, configure, install, support and maintain at its own expense, as well as all updates, upgrades, enhancements, improvements, releases, corrections, bug fixes, patches and modifications: services (collectively referred to as As "update"). You acknowledge that the Services can interoperate with multiple supported platforms and the services provided are highly dependent on the availability of such supported platforms.